Read our family testimonials and discover what everyone loves about HomeLink!

"My son loves HomeLink! We are able to customize our learning to his interests and he has been thriving in this environment. He has fun and enriching classes on campus, made great friends, and our consultant helps us choose the best curriculum for him!"

"My daughter struggled with most core subjects in the traditional classroom setting. Since going to HomeLink, her grades and understanding of all subjects have skyrocketed. We all love the freedom, transparency and class options that HomeLink provides. There are more opportunities for children to grow/learn what they want. We brag to anyone who will listen about our love for HomeLink. Thank you HomeLink staff!"

"We are in our fifth year as a HomeLink family. Through thick and thin we've been supported, solutions have been found and refined, relationships with caring, knowledgeable staff and parents have deepened. We are here to stay, to grow, to learn."

"We've been with HomeLink for 13 years. The opportunities here have been a perfect fit for our family. The music department has been fantastic along with the academic support in higher grades. It's a great blend of homeschool and public school. 10 out of 10 program!"

"HomeLink has been a huge blessing to our family. Not only do we get to pick from a vast array of curriculum, but we are assisted by consultants if we ever need help. Our kids still get to go to classes and activities with other students. The staff at the school is very caring and knowledgeable. The overall culture of the school is fantastic. We are so grateful our kids get to go to school here."

"HomeLink provides an option for us to navigate an excellent education while also finding our way through difficult medical issues. Our kids are on grade level despite years of cancer, covid, and other complicated medical conditions in our home. We are grateful for the stabilizing effect of TRHL on our family."

"We have been so grateful for HomeLink! Our son struggled in a typical classroom, so we needed to find a better option for our family. This is our sixth year at HomeLink and our sons have loved getting to take the various classes as well as the fact that the staff has been so supportive our needs."

"My daughter went from hating school and feeling like she was awful at math to loving school and gaining confidence in her math skills. The teachers have been phenomenal in her educational growth. The students have also been so accepting and kind to her. HomeLink has been the best educational path for my daughter. I am so thankful this program is offered in our community."

"We are in our 4th year with HomeLink and making the switch was one of the best decisions we could have made for our kids. Our oldest has always struggled with reading. Had we not made the switch to HomeLink I'm sure we would still be struggling, and we would not have found out that he is dyslexic. The intervention classes that are provided have helped him so much and the support from the staff is amazing as well."

"My son was struggling with school throughout middle school and into high school as a result of his learning disabilities. He was getting D's and F's in all his classes and was miserable trying to learn in a traditional setting. We moved him to Three Rivers HomeLink at the beginning of his sophomore year. HomeLink was able to tailor a program to meet his needs. He began to enjoy learning for the first time in his life! His grades improved to almost all A's, and he was able to graduate with above a 3.0 GPA. HomeLink made his dreams of being able to play college baseball and continue his education. He would not be where he is without the teachers and staff at HomeLink."

"I’ve been able to spend more time with my kids since beginning our HomeLink journey 3 years ago. I have loved the flexibility HomeLink provides and my kids have enjoyed making long lasting friendships through the classes/workshops that are provided for the kids who are all in HomeLink. I am beyond grateful for this ALE option. The staff has always been a great support and they are all fantastic."

"HomeLink has been such a perfect way for our family to be successful at learning while still being able to participate in workshops, classes, and other activities offered trough HomeLink. My three kids are all so different: their needs, struggles, successes, interests, and so on. They have all been able to feel at home on campus and find the curriculum that works for them at our house. My social butterfly gets her time with friends and her extracurriculars while my shy boy has been able to come out of his shell on his own time and in his own way. My other son has received help for some of his learning style needs. Because of this he doesn't feel left behind. I am so grateful for the tools, resources, and friends (both staff and other families) our family have made because of HomeLink!"

"Three Rivers HomeLink is an invaluable resource for my family. Having an experienced and kind consultant to walk with you through the process of learning is such a huge blessing! Most importantly, however, it offers us great freedom in being able to customize our educational experience. I feel supported in every way and my kids are able to receive a high-quality home education while experiencing social, creative, and academic benefits at in-person classes on campus. I am so grateful this wonderful school exists!"